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Who can still get free Covid tests across the UK and can I buy LFTs

Most people in the UK are now not able to get a free covid-19 test and you can only get a free covid-19 test if you come in some categories. The same situation is in Scotland as in the UK. People who are buying the LFD in packs from online stores are being discouraged by the government to do so because then there will not be left enough LFT for the people who need them.

The government of the UK has ended the free test as a part of Boris Johnson’s plan of what he calls ‘living with covid’ which also means that it is not the tests that have been scrapped but there is also absolutely no need to self-isolate yourself if you are tested positive with cold-19.

The new rule suggests that if you want to buy a test they will now have to pay for both lateral flow test and PCR test.

Who is eligible for the free lateral flow testing

These are some categories that can still get access to free testing; People who are admitted to the hospital and a PCR test is suggested by the doctor for their care and it is necessary. People who are living in the care homes are also eligible to get a covid-19 test.

Anyone who is living in the prison is also required to get tested. If you are working as a staff member in a prison or care home you will also have to get tested daily. And lastly, anyone who is eligible for covid drug treatment they are also in danger and if they get covid it will get very bad for them.

It is advised that they should remain at their homes and an LFT will be sent to their address; they will also be guided on how they can use and record this test.

People who are being discharged from care homes or prisons are also advised to get tested but if you are going there as a visitor there’s no need to get yourself tested. If anyone has covid-19 please stay in isolation for 5 days at least.

You will need an NHS login or you can even call 911 and if you are eligible you will be able to get a free LFT test. Order a lateral flow test if you are in the category who are eligible you will get a pack after every 3 days and a pack usually contains 7 tests. You will be able to get the pack in 3 working days if holidays are going in the country it can also take more days than this.

You can check if you can get a cover-19 test free here. After you have placed an order you will receive an email that will tell you how you can track what you have ordered. If you have any problem with the order you can simply call 911.

Where can I buy a lateral flow test?

You can find a list of all the approved test providers in the UK from this link.

There is an advantage when you buy your test from government-approved testing providers which is that you will be able to report it on the government website if you have any problem with the test. If you do not buy from the providers listed on the government website you would not also be able to register your lateral flow test.

You can order your test easily from one of the most trusted and reputable testing centers that are Point 19 Testing you can book a PCR test in Rochdale or if you are traveling you can book a PCR test. You can get all types of tests from this center you simply call them at 0330-3830309 or you can write them at info@covid19fittofly.com.

Covid-19 testing in WALES

Wales has the plan to continue the testing for some more time. Positive people should immediately and contact tracing will also continue in Wales. Pcr tests would not be available freely for everyone and you will only get LFTs for free if you have symptoms of covid-19.

People who live in Scotland are advised to stay at home if they’re not feeling there is no need to take a PCR test.

People who live in Northern Ireland are asked to take an LFT test but this was also removed from June 2022. Testing in health and social care also continues and if you are someone who needs to get tested for any medical reason then you can have free access to PCR and LFTs as needed.

How much does a lateral flow test cost in the UK?

A lateral flow test is a test that is cheaper than a PCR test but it can also vary from one retailer to another. Boots is going to sell it for £2.50 and elsewhere it costs £1.99 at Superdrug. Randox lateral flow test costs £2 for a single test.

If you are ordering it from www.covid19fittofly.com you will receive it swiftly you can book a covid test in Rochdale or book a PCR test in Rochdale. If you are planning a trip or you just want to get tested for peace of mind before going to your workplace you can call us or visit our nearest testing center in your area.

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