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What rules must I follow if I am traveling back to the UK?

According to the new change that became effective on 7 January, all travelers who are fully vaccinated who are under the age of 18 will not take any test before they depart from the country of origin and isolate after they arrive in the UK but they must take the test post arriving in the country. Another rule that was announced on January 9 says that all vaccinated passengers and also those who are under the age of 18 are not going to take the more expensive PCR test and instead they will only need to take a lateral flow test. The travelers will have to remain in isolation if the test they took after arriving in the country came out positive. This PCR test can be easily booked from www.covid19fittofly.com or any other private provider. to further confirm the results of this test.

A passenger who is fully vaccinated with two doses for at least 14 days needs to:

  • Fill in the passenger locator form 48 hours before the arrival into the UK and it is a mandatory requirement which they must follow
  • From 9th of January everyone arriving in the UK must take a lateral flow test  instead of the previously used and more expensive PCR test but if they came out positive on the LFD test a follow up confirmatory PCR test will be a must to do and they will immediately have to self isolate after finding this.
  • Book and pay for two tests from any trusted test provider online like Point 19 Testing or by calling them at 0330-3830309 and these tests are to be taken once you reach England.

It is important to know that the NHS test is not free and it can’t be provided to international passengers. Those passengers must book it on their own from any test provider they like but we suggest doing it from covid19fittofly.com as they made timely deliveries and they’re more responsive. But if the passengers have already booked a PCR they can use that too and there is no need to buy another test.

They will also require to prove the proof of vaccination at the airport either online or on a document but if they’re enabled to show this proof that they’re vaccinated they must:

  • Book two tests day 2 and day 8 test after arriving
  • Fill out the passenger locator form before 48 hours of arrival

After arrival

  • Take a Covid-19 test  (PCR or LFT) on or before day two and on or after your day 8
  • Self isolation should be done in a place where they can easily stay for 10 days

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