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What is the day 2 test?

uk day 2 test

Day 2 PCR test is the test required by the UK that you have to take after your holiday and must be completed within two days of returning back to the country. This PCR test is mandatory even if you are fully vaccinated or vaccinated 14 days prior to your visit. And if you are not fully vaccinated you need to take day 2 and day 8 PCR tests. You can take a PCR test at home, at a clinic, or at the airport.

You need to book this PCR test before you arrive in the Uk for your own convenience. If you didn’t book this PCR test for your travel you have to stay in quarantine for 8 days. I would suggest booking this covid test for a travel kit at least 5 days before you land in the UK. Booking your PCR test kit is very easy. You just need to log into the government website and complete a short survey or type PCR test near me in the google search. You will then select from any of the private providers and choose your accommodation where you want this PCR test kit to be delivered. I booked a PCR test for London because I was staying there. For a day 2 PCR test it can cost you around £69 for one person.

What is included in the day 2 test kit?

This PCR test came in a dpd envelope with a rectangular box inside. Inside the PCR test box, the first item you have is the swab, next thing is your PCR test collection tube which will be sent off to the lab. A massive absorbent pad. Instead of an instruction booklet, this PCR test comes with a form that shows how to activate your PCR test for the travel kit. Simply scan the QR code on this form and you are good to go. Finally, you have your PCR test return envelope ready to use straight away. From October 24 fully vaccinated people can also take a lateral flow test for day 2 COVID-19 test for travel requirements.

How to perform COVID-19 pcr test?

  • Firstly wash your hands before performing this pcr test
  • Take the pcr test swab and do not touch the soft area of the swab
  • Put this pcr test swab in your throat and then in one nostril and then other for it to detect the cells
  • Take out the pcr test swab and insert it in the test tube
  • After that put the tube in the clear bag and seal it properly
  • Place this pcr test in the original box and send it back from one of many royal mail priority postbox or of you can’t find one search royal mail priority postbox near me and look for one near you
  • Finally don’t forget to wash your hands after performing this pcr test at home

How does it work?

It is a very simple process. Simply book your PCR test online register and receive it when you arrive, take the PCR test, and send it to the lab. After you are tested negative you will also get a signed certificate from a doctor on your PCR test.

You can order this PCR test from anywhere but my most trust providers are and And remember to always mention the reference number that you receive upon booking upon PCR test for travel on the PLF.

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