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What are the travel requirements from the UK to China during covid-19?

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Covid-19 requirements always keep changing during these times of uncertainty which is why people should always keep themselves up to date with this information. China has now made the rules a little easier for all the people who are coming these days from the UK. for further information you are advised to visit this link.

According to the new rules applied in China as part of its draconian rules to deal in a better way with the pandemic, China has now removed the rule of testing 7 days before you enter and now there is also no need to do an antibody test on arrival as well.

First off you will need a valid visa if you wanted to travel to China from the UK  you can visit visa offices in MANCHESTER, EDINBURGH, OR LONDON to get a visa for yourself. But the requirement to take two PCR tests within two days of departure remains the same.

Right now only a few people can get a visa to travel to China and those are; people who have an invitation letter to travel, anyone who has a family member in China and he or she wants to visit them, and anyone eligible for a C visa or someone whose family member holds a permanent resident in China. For more information on the visa, you can go to this link.

You are required to provide a health declaration form before you can travel to China and you must complete and return this form. If you want to receive this form from the Chinese embassy you must have taken the PCR tests within two days before you depart for your journey.  If you need more guidance on the health declaration form you can visit this link.

Note that you cannot use the NHS tests in this order and you must only get tested by a private test provider in the UK many of these are listed on the government of the UK website and you can order from Point 19 Testing are very trusted and reliable provider you can book test for travel easily. If you are coming from any city in the UK you can your from them for any city like book PCR test Rochdale.

Upon arrival in China

When you arrive in China you will also need to do covid testing when you are in self-isolation and even if you do not have any symptoms you will still be required to show three negative results in a row. If you have been previously infected with covid you should not immediately plan your travel but you should wait for a few days before travel.

You are also required to immediately quarantine yourself on arrival in china te quarantine requirement right now is 14 days if you have children with you who are 14 years of age or over the age of 14 then they should also stay in isolation alone.

Testing for china

There is a possibility that you may get separated from your children if any one of you gets tested positive for covid in this case you can call on this number for assistance at +86 (0)10 8529 6600. You will be given 24/7 help from a professional. For more information on this please visit this link.

You will be sent to a quarantine location government allowed it can be a hotel or maybe the address you have provided if it is a hotel given to you by the government then the entire cost of your stay will be paid by you during your self-isolation period of two weeks. You will also be followed by a swab test during your stay they must keep checking you from time to time. Someone in your close contact is also advised to stay in the government quarantine hospital.

You will have to obtain a QR green code health code if you want to secure your accommodation in china so it is better that you make sure that you have secure accommodation in china keeping in mind your quarantine period.

What is the situation in China right now?

The covid-19 situation in china right now is very bad nearly 2.1 million has been infected and 14,624 death has been reported this is the report till June 28, 2022. Many public attractions are open but they ask for positive covid testing in advance. Many food places in Shanghai are reopened and then closed again because of the rise in cases.

What should I keep in mind if I am planning a trip to China?

In China, there is always uncertainty and anything can happen at any time so you should first keep this in your mind before coming here. If a new virus breaks through they will instantly put regional lockdowns.

They will give you very little notice and put a lockdown on apartments, offices, and buildings at any time they want. So plan your trip accordingly.

Note; there are some provinces in china that require more requirements from you and they can ask for more testing than other provinces in china once you have landed at the airport. Newly qualified entrants must get a visa in advance they are required to show their vaccination certificate and proof of a negative test.

If they ask you to do a lateral flow test before arrival instead of a PCR  test you can easily book an LFD from Point 19 Testing. They are a very trusted source and they will send you the test kit beforehand at your home address with guidance on how to use the test kit.

These are links to some useful websites that you will need if you are traveling from the UK to china:

Fighting COVID-19

National Health Commission

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