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What are the differences between an RT-PCR Test and an Antigen Lateral Flow Test?

Covid-19 testing rules have changed in England. From January 11th, 2022, People without symptoms who test positive on a lateral flow test results will no longer need to confirm it with an RT-PCR test to begin their isolation period.

The government announced this to speed up the response to the newly developed omicron variant. Fully vaccinated travelers will no longer have to take a pre-departure (Travelling overseas into the UK) test until they get a negative Day 2 PCR test. After these new changes travelers can now order either a lateral flow test or instead of RT-PCR on or before Day 2 of arrival. These lateral flow tests can be booked through Point 19 Testing which is a very trusted supplier. And if the test came positive they will need a confirmatory PCR test. The rules for unvaccinated people however still remain the same.

There are mainly two types of test, RT-PCR TEST AND ANTIGEN LATERAL FLOW TESTS and we will discuss in detail what the difference between the two of them is.


RT-PCR is also known as a real-time reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction. This test is normally carried out by using a swab of the nose and in towards the back of the throat and the tests are sent out to the laboratory. Results can usually take between the same day and 72 hours to get the results of the RT-PCR Test. A lateral flow test result can be provided on the same day depending on the time

These tests are very accurate because even if a tiny amount of virus is present in your sample an RT-PCR Test can detect it. You can easily order an RT-PCR Test from www.covid19fittofly.com you can visit their clinic to perform the test or simply ask them to deliver it to your home address. Price of RT-PCR Test vary ranging from £65-85 in private clinics and in some clinics charges can go up to £200 which is significantly higher but if you order an RT-PCR test from Point 19 Testing you will get value for money.


Lateral flow tests, sometimes called rapid flow tests, are a quick and convincing way to help identify those who could be spreading Covid-19 without knowing they have it. Lateral flow tests are easy; you can order lateral flow tests on the internet via Point 19 Testing or simply by calling them on 0330-3830309.

After you order a lateral flow test you can perform it with a swab which is usually mixed in a solution and applied to the LFD test strip to generate lateral flow test results. You can get your lateral flow test results in as little as 2-4 Hours.

Lateral flow tests are a vital tool in helping to reduce the latest omicron variant and they’re recommended more by the government because they’re relatively cheaper than RT-PCR TEST. You can order lateral flow tests for as little as £29.99 from covid19fittofly.com. You will receive all the instructions in your lateral flow test kit when you order a lateral flow test and it shall explain how to perform the lateral flow test correctly.

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