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What are Lateral Flow Tests and do they provide sufficient Results?

There has been so much money and time invested in Lateral Flow Tests but has is it all been worth it? There are many examples of people doing Lateral flow tests and in some instances, customers have tested negative, some positive, and in some cases, unclear or inconclusive results have been presented. Like so many of us who have done these tests, once tested, a faint line appears on the lateral flow test kit.

Just like this, there are so many stories where with the help of LFT people find out they have Covid-19. This was the main idea of this whole lateral flow test kit being used on such a high scale. Firstly because these throwaway kits are very cheap to buy and you can order them from Point 19 Testing and secondly lateral flow test results can come in as little as 15 minutes which is a lot sooner than having to do a PCR test in which you have to wait for several hours or up to several days to get your results.

There have been studies to see how accurate these tests are. In particular, there was worry that these tests would show a false positive and this would cause a lot of disruption to work life, home life, and school-like. In some cases, there have been studies where a test has been conducted via an LFT and then also by a PCR test and above 80% gave the same result.

With time, lateral flow tests have become an important aspect of our day-to-day life. First rolled out in the workplace and slowly reachable to the general public. Pharmacies were offering free LFTs. But one of the many concerns linked to this test was the public who was far too trusting if this test could come back negative. People on social media posted that they were negative on many LFD tests even when they have major symptoms, all this just to be positive on the PCR test. There are also studies and comparisons between the two testing kits and how a PCR test may pick a Positive when an LFT concluded a negative result…


Lateral flow testing has opened doors to detect more cases in the future and this is just going to increase in the future. Health authorities this year invested £ Billions of pounds on these kit suppliers and there is speculation that a new generation of lateral flow testing is going to be produced which could detect all different forms of viruses.

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