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USA PCR Test For Traveling to the UK

If you are traveling from the USA to the UK, and are fully vaccinated, you must have:

  • A CDC card showing the proof that you have been fully vaccinated with an FDA-approved vaccine in the USA.

Any additional proof to show that you are a US resident is not needed.

This will assure you are fit to fly test UK.

If you are not vaccinated with an FDA-approved vaccine, you will have to follow the rules for people who do not qualify as fully vaccinated.

For qualifying as fully vaccinated, you must have proof of the full vaccination and must have received the second dose of vaccine 14 days before traveling to the UK from the USA.

People who do not qualify as a fully vaccinated must:

  • Get their COVID test done three days before traveling to the UK.
  • Pay and book for day 2 and day 8 testing before travelling that will be done after their arrival to the UK.
  • Fill a passenger locator form online before traveling.

After you arrive in the UK, you must take your day 2 and day 8 tests which are your “PCR test UK”

Q) What is meant by PCR test UK?

This can also be called as PCR day 2 and 8 test for UK travel.

The PCR test UK means your day 2 and 8 testing for COVID after your arrival to the UK. It has to be done if you do not qualify for being fully vaccinated.

Q) How can I find a PCR test for traveling near me?

If you want to have a PCR test before traveling to the UK from the USA, there can be several options.

You can try the “Home testing” method by ordering a test kit at your home, and you can perform your test at home then return your samples to us.

The other way is to search online for “PCR test for traveling near me” or “Travel test near me” and you will get a list of places offering PCR testing near your area. You can also search for travel test pkg online before your traveling to check on the arrivals of any new pkg or discount.

Q) What Is the UK day 2 test?

When you arrive in the UK from the US, it is marked as day zero. After that, on day 2, you have to take the UK day 2 test for COVID which will be marked as your day 2 testing UK.

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