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Traveling to Pakistan from UK

Can I travel to Pakistan from the UK?

Anyone who wants to travel to Pakistan must keep in mind the current travel rules and regulations, vaccine status and the rules to travel to Pakistan from the UK can change at any time because of the uncertainty due to COVID-19. All those travellers who want to travel from the UK to PAKISTAN must have a visa if they want entry to the country. The rules for children who are 12 years or older are also strict, and they must be completely vaccinated to get an entry into Pakistan.

If you are travelling to Pakistan with any medical issues, and cannot provide a certificate that tells that you are vaccinated then you are not forced to provide it, but you will still have to show a negative PCR test result 3 days before travelling. These are Pakistan entry requirements, and if you want to book a test you can do it from one of the private providers at PCR TEST IN STOCKPORT, PCR TEST IN TAMESIDE, PCR TEST IN TRAFFORD, PCR TEST IN WIGAN and PCR TEST IN BARNSLEY by visiting their website at Point 19 Testing you can also visit them at one of their testing centres in these areas.

If you are completely vaccinated then you do not need to take any PCR test on arrival. All travelers who wish to visit Pakistan should download on their phones an app called “Pass Track App”, and this should be done before they arrive. If for some reason you forgot to download the app then you will have to fill out a physical copy of the form after arriving in Pakistan. You can also use the pass from the NHS which can be used as an alternative to your COVID-19 vaccination certificate.

If you are not vaccinated

If you are age 12 and above you will have to be completely vaccinated if you want to travel to Pakistan if you don’t fall in any exemption categories.

All those children who are aged between 12-18 are exempt from vaccination certificate they do not need to show it, but they must show a negative PCR test which they can easily book from Point 19 Testing you can also by typing PCR TEST IN STOCKPORT, PCR TEST IN TAMESIDE, PCR TEST IN TRAFFORD, and PCR TEST IN WIGAN AND PCR TEST IN BARNSLEY. If you have any trouble in placing an order or finding their testing centre you can call them at 0330 383 0309.

Children who are travelling with their parents who are under the age of 5 are not going to be asked for a vaccination certificate.

Is Pakistan on the red list?

UK red list countries update today Pakistan and Pakistan is no more on the red list you can now easily travel from the UK to Pakistan and from Pakistan to the UK.

Is Pakistan on the quarantine list?

No, you do not have to quarantine when you return to the UK and this rule has also been scrapped. If you are fully vaccinated or not you can easily return back to the UK.

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