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The most contagious COVID-19 virus has returned to the UK, and it is calling urgently to curb it

It is being said by everyone that the COVID-19 variant that is in the UK these days, might be the most prevailing COVID-19 variant that has ever occurred.

As it is seen clearly that the return of the Covid-19 restrictions which is happening as the new wave in the country is the most contagious COVID-19 variant ever.

This new virus now accounts for more than 80 percent of the cases in England. This new Omicron variant is now responsible for 100 percent of cases in many local areas in the UK.

As the cases are soaring more and more it has also made everyone call for a return to masks and other Covid-19 restrictions in the city.

More than 82.2 percent of cases that are being tested with swab positive and these results are being examined in the week to July 16 were the BA.5 Omicron variant.

This variant also seems to be more contagious than the original Omicron variant. But this variant BA.5 is said to be not too dangerous as the first Omicron variant in the city.

But it is also being said by many people that the Covid-19 restrictions are coming back to the country. And the people might have to wear the mask again, to avoid crowded places.

Some of the people in the UK have also given this idea that the limits on gathering must also be imposed, which also includes some of the harsh policies which were put during the dark time of the pandemic.

In June it also seemed that Covid-19 was only the 15th leading cause of death in England according to OFFICE OF NATIONAL STATISTICS (ONS). And there was only 1.6 percent of deaths that happened in the country due to this deadly virus.

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As we have talked about Covid-19 not being the leading cause of death in the UK but the cause of most deaths in the UK is dementia and Alzheimer’s and according to a survey 10.8 percent of deaths are caused by these diseases.

Dr. Kit Yates who is a professor at BATH and a member of independent Sage also believes that the rising cases of Covid-19 in the country can be controlled by reintroducing the restrictions of the past.

 He also said that along with all the mandatory restrictions on the people of Britons from the past he also thinks that LFT should be free for every person so that they can check themselves frequently.

He further said that it is not just one person’s task but everyone should take care of everyone around them by wearing masks in those spaces that are crowded and closed to avoid any pressure on the health system.

But this is also possible when the government will be serious that everyone must follow these rules. Without a strict policy, people are not going to take it seriously.

There is another Doctor named Kamran Abbasi at BMJ and another fellow who made an argument that the mandatory COVID-19 measures should be brought back into the country if we want to save everyone’s life.

Both of them also believe that the reason this problem is still not over is that we have not accepted it with our hearts and we think that the pandemic is over and there must be a return of all the rules and regulations that took place in the country when the outbreak happened.

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