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Romania PCR Test For Traveling to the UK

If you travel to the UK (United Kingdom) from Romania, Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many restrictions and conditions are imposed at borders. the following are the major tests you should take;

  • COVID-19 test within 2 days or 24 hours before traveling.
  • After you return to England, you must undertake a PCR test or antigen test of COVID-19. For this test. You should book and pay for your test earlier.
  • Passenger locator form is another important factor for entering the United Kingdom from Romania, which must be completed at least 2 days before your departure to the United Kingdom from Romania.

If you are fully vaccinated, then you must undertake your PCR test after entering the UK. You should quarantine yourself for the time till the result of the PCR test is announced.

If your test result is negative, then you can end your quarantine. But, if your result appears positive, then the other requirement is self-isolation of 10 days’. If you are taking a lateral flow test, then you can end your isolation earlier.

For entering the UK, you must complete your complete course of vaccination. You can only use the approved vaccines of the United Kingdom. You must keep proof of your vaccination with you.

This proof can be provided by the vaccination program of the United Kingdom, the vaccine program of the United Nations, vaccination program overseas.

If you are sick while returning to the United Kingdom from Romania, then you must go for medical attention from the healthcare practitioner.

Q) What is the function of Royal mail in the COVID-19 pandemic?

Royal Mail is used for collecting and delivering your parcels. In terms of coronavirus tests, Royal mail is enhancing and helping the national testing program by collecting and delivering the test of coronavirus all over the country.

Q) What is the function of the Antigen test?

An antigen test is the type of detection for checking the existence of a viral antigen. Through this test, you can know about the viral infection.

Q) From where you can check the travel restrictions?

You can get the advisory notices of travel from the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development office.

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