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Portugal PCR Test For Traveling to the UK

If you are traveling from Portugal towards the United Kingdom, then you must have either PCR or lateral flow test report. The result for this test report should not be older than two days or 48 hours from your departure time in the United Kingdom. The result should be negative for traveling.

The test should be according to the performance criteria of specificity and sensitivity. You can also submit antigen tests or rapid antigen test reports.

You can provide your report result through different methods

  • Printed form
  • Message or Email from a mobile phone. Be careful about the charging status of the phone.

If your vaccination status is not complete, you must complete your vaccination at least 2 days before your flight towards the UK. For Urgent results of PCR test, you must use for PCR test near me assistance. Then, follow the same instructions as for vaccinated travelers.

Many hotels around the globe will help you with testing requirements. Some hotels arrange the doctors to your destination hotel while another guides you to the near covid center or nearest PCR test center from the place of your residence. On the other hand, some companies in the UK also arrange the test facility through video calling.

On arrival to the United Kingdom, you must book for the PCR test two days before returning. It is mandatory to book the test before arrival in the UK. You also need to place the reference number of confirmation on the form of passenger locator, which should be submitted before your departure to home.

Q) What is meant by dropbox?

Dropbox is used for returning the samples of the PCR test. Don’t ever return the sample of antigen or lateral test through dropbox. The timing of dropbox is continuously changing, therefore, take care of timing before returning your sample.

Q) Which post-box is used for the test kit?

Always use the priority post box and register your test kit

Q) When RT-PCR test is taken?

This test should be taken within 3 days of traveling.

Q) When antigen test is taken?

 This test should be taken within 2 days of traveling.

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