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Nigeria PCR Test For Traveling to the UK

If you are entering the United Kingdom from Nigeria, the following are the guidelines.

You don’t need to take various COVID-19 tests if you are fully vaccinated.

You don’t need to self isolate yourself if you are fully vaccinated.

From October 2021, the government doesn’t make it mandatory for fully vaccinated people to show pre-departure test, 10 days self-isolation, and undertaking the 8-day test.

But, the vaccinated people must pay and book for their 2-day test for entering the United Kingdom. To qualify for this test, the following are the main requirements,

  • People should be vaccinated using the vaccine of Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Moderna.
  • People should complete the vaccination course before entering.
  • People should prove their complete vaccination and have a vaccination certificate named by the British government.

The national healthcare development of Nigeria issues certificates along with QR codes to fully vaccinated people; these codes will help them during their traveling towards the United Kingdom. On the other hand, nonvaccinated people should undertake all types of tests PCR test, Antigen test, lateral test.

If you declare as fit from all these types of tests, then, you may travel towards the United Kingdom.

Always use the healthcare center information to find out the PCR test near my locations for your convenience.

If you want to remain up to date with the policies for entering the UK from Nigeria, then you must keep in touch with the UK website.

Q) What is the HBsAg test?

HBsAg is the hepatitis B Surface Antigen test. It is a test for human blood for determining the hepatitis B condition. If the test result is positive, the person is a hepatitis B patient and can also pass this disease to other persons.

Q) What is the RT PCR test?

RT PCR test is a reverse transition PCR test used for the detection of viruses in your body using the RNA material.

Q) What are the changes applied in vaccination checking for entering the United Kingdom from Nigeria?

Previously, all the completely vaccinated People must also take various vaccination tests and self-isolation, but now no such requirements are necessary. You just show your vaccination certificate for entering the United Kingdom and must also book their 2-day test.

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