From 4 am on the 11th of February and in time for the half-term break all those who are fully vaccinated and arriving in the UK will no longer have to carry out a post-arrival lateral flow test that means after months of pre-departure testing, post-arrival testing, self-isolation, additional expense, fully vaccinated people will now only have to verify their status via a passenger locator form.


LFT is now being used for us to travel more widely. Lateral flow tests also known as rapid antigen tests are quick, easy, and hassle-free giving you test results in under 30 minutes. You can book these lateral flow tests from www.covid19fittofly.com  as well as you can book PCR tests from any of their testing centers by typing PCR test in Bolton, PCR test in Bury, PCR test in Manchester, PCR test in Oldham, or any other place you are testing from.


The majority of tests being used these days are PCR tests. These tests are very accurate because even if there is a tiny amount of virus present in patients, sample PCR tests can detect it. You can simply search for this in your area by googling PCR test in Bolton, PCR test in Bury, PCR test in Manchester, PCR test in Oldham.


Please Follow The Instructions Carefully In Order To Complete Your Mandatory Testing Requirements

Step 1: Check Your Emails / Check Junk And Spam

Once you have purchased a Test Kit, you shall receive emails from us with how-to and links. Please ensure you have been receiving emails from us. Every important correspondence is sent to you via email and you must be able to access this.

Find Your Unique Registration Link – This will be sent to you in the dispatch email we send out and also sent to you via text. You will need this to register your kit after.

WARNING – Please note this is UNIQUE TO YOU, do not interchange codes or links or cassettes

Step 2 – Check Contents of Package and Complete Test

Open your Test Kit Package which will contain the following:

A) Test Cassette

B) Swab

C) Tube with Extraction Buffer

D) Small Clear Biohazard Bag

E) Manufacturer Instructions

Complete your test following the manufacturer’s instructions as well as our instructions, there are pictures to help guide you along the way. You will have been sent video guides via email if you would like further help with the testing process.

Step 3 – Take a Picture Of Your Test Cassette

Please use the picture area section of this sheet to take a picture of your lateral flow cassette once you have completed your sample and awaited 30 minutes.

Before taking your picture

• Ensure you have aligned your cassette properly using the picture guides

• Ensure you have written your reference number in the relevant section

• Ensure the QR code on the cassette is clear ( blurry images will affect result timeframes)

• Ensure no reflections are affecting the visibility on any parts of the image

• Please place your used cassette in your biohazard bag and do not dispose of your cassette until you have received your results, please.

After taking this picture please ensure it is saved on your device and you are ready to upload this.

Step 4 – Register Your Kit Via Your Unique Link

Open your unique registration link as explained in Step 1. You will need to complete this form which includes the uploading of your image from step 3.

You will receive your results within 24 hours of completing your registration form successfully.

For More new and latest updates about traveling to the UK visit GOV.UK.

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