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How much is a PCR test for travel UK?

            The Government of the United Kingdom (UK) has made the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Test compulsory, through litigation, for all the inbound pax since December 2021. The passengers can online book a PCR Test via Government Travel Guide which furnishes the complete list of Government Approved “PCR Test UK for Travel” laboratories. Below are vital few approved listed companies through which necessary PCR Tests can be conducted upon arrival in the UK:-

            The above websites allow the antigen to book a PCR Test of two categories; the Day 2 test, and; the Day 2 & Day 8 Test which meant that the pax shall be bound to go through mandatory COVID-19 PCR Test on 2nd Day of arrival to the UK or in either case, 2 separate tests, one on 2nd Day and second on 8th day of arrival.

The UK Government directs the inbound passengers from European Union (EU) Countries who reach any of the aerodromes including the Manchester Airport; the Birmingham Airport, the Heathrow Airport, the Gatwick Airport or the Stanstead Airport, or; even any smaller air terminal that allows direct flights from EU, to book either Day 2 Test or Day 2 and Day 8 Test from Point 19 Testing or 24-7 Testing.

            The prospective passengers who intend to travel to the UK for the first time or those passengers who have fewer acquaintances with the exact locations in the UK shall face entangles regarding the Booking of PCR Tests or finding PCR Test Near Me. The price for the COVID-19 PCR Test in the UK ranges between £15 and £150. The Testing Centers nowadays offers two ways for the Day 2 Testing, either the pax shall visit the Testing Center in-person or the Testing Centers shall ship the COVID-19 Sample Test Kit to their respective residences via the Royal Mail. The pax shall then test him/her at the residence using the 6-inch swab and after necessary testing returns the same to the Testing Center through Royal Mail Priority Post Box. This would eventually save the time and life for passengers to visit the Testing Centers and the chances to get infected from any mutated version of COVID-19, respectively.

            The passengers, who intend to travel to the UK and have to go through the mandatory booking of PCR Test for Travel via cited websites, can contact through email regarding any questions or queries in this regard.

            The pax who are traveling to London and are mandatory to book COVID-19 Tests for Travel can adopt either Book PCR Test London or Book a PCR Test. The same shall be delivered by the Testing Centers; either it’s the Day 2 Testing or the Day 2 and Day 8 Testing, at the desired address so that the passenger shall be able to test in a comfortable manner at home. Later on, the passenger shall search online for the “Royal Mail Priority Post Box Near Me” and send the sample of his/ her test through the Royal Mail in its vicinity.

            The Testing Centers or Laboratories shall update the passengers regarding receiving of the Sample Test and furnish the result visa provided Email or SMS.

            In light whereof this, for booking the PCR Test or searching the PCR Test Near Me, please log on to Point 19 Testing and 24-7 Testing.

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