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Greece PCR Test For Traveling to the UK

Due to the Omicron Virus, which is the new variant of COVID-19, several restrictions are imposed on the passengers who are arriving in the United Kingdom from Greece.

If you are fully vaccinated and wish to travel towards the United Kingdom, then you must make the status of your passenger locator form towards completion.

After arrival in the United Kingdom, there will be the PCR test. Thus, you should book and pay for this earlier. Keep in mind that you should isolate yourself from others until your report appears with a negative result.

Public health bodies at national and state levels will provide you with the vaccinated document. Travelers must show this document. This document can be in a printed or online form

PCR test is necessary for vaccinated as well as non-vaccinated passengers. This test should be taken after you arrive in the United Kingdom.

The people who are not fully vaccinated must remain at home and isolate themselves fully from other people for at least 8 days. Day 2 test and day 8 test are necessary after arrival in the United Kingdom.

Some of the approved vaccines of the United Kingdom are Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, and Moderna. You can complete your vaccination course with any of the mentioned vaccines.

If you qualify for all the requirements set by the United Kingdom government for Greece passengers, then you will feel you fit and go towards your destination.

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Q) Why medical practitioner is necessary?

You must keep in touch with your medical practitioner. In case you become ill during travel towards the United Kingdom, then you can guide and seek help from your medical practitioner. You can also call him to your residency in case of the seriousness of your health condition.

Q) What are the other terms used for the Antigen test?

An antigen test can also be called a rapid test or rapid Antigen test.

Q) What is the function of Dropbox?

Dropbox is used for returning the samples of the PCR test. While using Dropbox, you must be careful about the timings. As the dropbox timing continuously changes, therefore, care should be taken.

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