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Point 19 Testing


If you’re travelling to England, what you need to do will depend on where you have been in the 10 days prior to your arrival, and if you have had a complete course of vaccines.

The rules around return to the UK are regularly being updated, it is therefore advised that you access the following link for up to date guidance:

 If you’re travelling to Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, you’ll need to follow separate guidelines. Please use the link above and select your desired destination.

The Covid tests need to be ordered before you return to the UK as you require a unique reference number for your passenger locator form. They can be purchased at anytime prior to travel, or before you return. We aim to dispatch them on the same working day if ordered before 2pm by Royal Mail next day delivery.
We advise you to order your tests approximately 2-3 working days before your arrival into the UK.

All of our tests are sent out via Royal Mail 24 hr delivery.
If you have placed your order 3 working days before your arrival into the UK, your tests will arrive before day 2 of your quarantine. Please ensure someone is available to accept receipt of the delivery.
Please ensure you allow adequate time for postage and delivery. If you place an order less than 2 working days before your return, your testing kit may not arrive in time for day 2.
Orders placed Monday to Friday before 2pm, will be despatched on the same working day for 24hr delivery. Any orders placed after this cut off time, will be despatched the following working day.
No orders are despatched on Sunday or on Bank Holidays.

When we dispatch your kits you will receive a tracking number via email. Please use this tracking number on the Royal Mail website to track your estimated delivery date.

Once you have completed the purchase you will receive an automated email with your Booking/Unique reference number. You will need this reference number to complete your passenger locator form. This number is also used in any correspondence with you in the future, please make a note of it.

Passenger Locator Forms can be accessed on the Gov.UK website and should only be completed48 hours prior to arrival in the UK.

You will also receive a unique link to register your kit. Please use this link to provide the necessary information when you have used your test kit.

You will be emailed a reference number upon completion of your purchase. This is a unique 12 digit code consisting of 5 letters followed by 7 numbers. You will need this code to enter into your government passenger locator form. You can find this code in your registration email. It will look somewhat like “CVFTFXXXXXX”

Passenger Locator Forms can be accessed on the following government website.

If your stay in the UK if for less than 8 days you will still have to purchase a kit and do the day 2 test. You will not be expected to do the day 8 test. However, you will still have to abide by UK regulations and quarantine for the duration of your stay (unless you complete a test to release).

The day you arrive in the UK is classed as day 0. You can do your Day 2 test on or before day 2.

If you are also doing a day 8 test, this must be completed on or after day 8.

Results are issued within 24 hours of receipt at the lab. Point1 testing cannot be held responsible for delays with the postal service, delays at the lab or any operator error by the customer. (it is imperative that you follow the instructions provided with the test correctly kits to prevent any delays).

Refunds will not be issued for any delays resulting from the above. Nor can any refunds be issued once you have received your unique 12 digit reference number (POINT1XXXXXXXX)

Your sample can be tracked using the tracking number on your return label. If it has been 24 hours since the sample was delivered to the lab, they may have emailed you the results already. Please check any junk/spam folders to locate the certificate. If you have still not received the results please contact and state the nature of your enquiry, including your 12 digit reference number and if possible your barcode number.

Your orders cannot be cancelled once you have received your 12 digit reference number. Day 2 and Day 8 testing is a legal requirement upon returning the UK.You are required to submit your Point1 testing reference number on your passenger locator form in order to gain entry. Once a reference number has been generated we are unable to cancel the request.

Test kits that have been posted cannot be cancelled or returned and are non-refundable. We are not liable for delays caused by the courier or the Laboratory and as such will not issue refunds under these circumstances.(It is imperative that you follow the instructions provided with the test kits correctly to prevent any delays).

Your pre-paid return label is tracked by Royal Mail. Your tracking number is on your label, please make a note of it. If you are having problems tracking your parcel, please contact Royal Mail.

You will also receive an email from the lab once the sample has been received by them and is in the process of being tested.

This will only occur when an incorrect/invalid email address has been submitted on the form. If this is the case please contact us by email on Please confirm you name, DOB and address. A representative will edit the form with the correct email address so you can receive future correspondence.

It may also be that you have received the email but it has gone into your junk folder- we kindly request customers to check their junk/spam folder first in case this has occurred.

As all of our tests are sent out via Royal Mail 24 hour delivery. If you have missed your parcel, please use the tracking number provided to your email address to rearrange delivery with Royal Mail.

Once your test kits have been dispatched you will receive a confirmation email with you tracking number. This email will also contain a unique URL specific to you. Please click on the URL link and fill in the relevant details at the time of taking your sample.

The kit you have purchased is for home self-testing.The kit includes instructions on how to take a sample and how to pack and post the sample. Some users may find it easier to obtain a sample whilst standing in front of a mirror.

 Please pay particular attention to the barcodes supplied with the kit as these are used to track and test your sample.

Our sample tubes contain a liquid reagent used in the testing process, please ensure you tightly close the lid before returning the kit in the post.

Do not forget to register your kit using the link in the confirmation email that you were sent.

Your test kits will arrive with one prepaid return envelope (2 if you are testing on day 2 & 8).

You will also receive:

1 x swab,

1 x vial with reagent,

1 x pathoseal pouch

1 x barcode.

Once you have completed your test you will need to place the swab in the sample bottle and ensure the lid is firmly closed. Apply the barcode to the bottle and place in the pathoseal pouch. Seal the pouch and place in the large return bag containing the prepaid label. Seal securely and post into your nearest priority post box. To locate your nearest Priority post-box please visit:

If you test positive (either on Day 2 or Day 8) you will receive confirmation via email from the laboratory. This email will also contain guidance on what you need to do next. You will be provided with a link to the current government guidelines. If you require any further information you can contact us on

It is your responsibility to ensure all the information on your forms and tests kits is correct. Incorrect information will mean that you may not get your test kits and follow up emails. In addition to this, If you have provided incorrect information, you can receive substantial fines. More information is available on the  Government website.

When your quarantine period ends is dependent on you vaccination status and the list of countries you have visited in the 10 days prior to entering the UK.

Up to date information is available on the government website below:

Yes you can however, you must only leave to post your sample in the Priority post box and then return to your quarantine location.