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Covid-19 cases are on rising in the UK yet again: everything you need to know about it

This is going to be the third primary wave in the UK this year and if you are someone living in the UK there is a good chance that you have had Covid-19. We have been infected with this deadly virus not just once but some of us have also caught it twice or even thrice. Back in February 2022, the government of the UK suggested the idea of “living with Covid-19” but in April 2022, the UK alone had 900,000 new cases.

Now again the UK’s Office for National Security (ONS) has shown new information this Friday on the virus which tells us that more than 1.8 million people in Britain or 1 in 35 people are infected by this deadliest virus. This data is from the week till 18th June so you know how latest and accurate this is.

Mandatory restrictions are still not likely to be introduced as the country is again entering a new wave of COVID-19. This happened mainly because of the two new variants BA.4 and BA. 5 said to the OFFICE OF NATIONAL SECURITY. Both of these are growing at a rapid speed which is more than BA.2. Studies show that BA.5 is 35 percent faster than BA.4 and it is clear that BA.5 will be the next dominant strain in the UK.

The new cases have an increase of 75% and it happens two weeks before Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee and just in time when the musical and sporting events were going to take place in the country in the summertime. But the health researcher still says that they do not find any need to bring back health measures because there is no increase in the shift.

We hope the situation remains like this and there is no need for any tests or measures to take place but if you want to have peace of mind in the situation of chaos you can book a PCR test in Rochdale or order a lateral flow test if your situation is not too bad.

Clarke said that if there is any shift in the Covid-19 situation it would impact the ICU and put pressure on it which has by now remained low at 0.2%.

There is no lie, he said that people who were hospitalized after the effect were raised by 8.2% in the last week but according to the UK health security agency, intensive care units remain normal.

What are the chances that I can get reinfected with COVID-19?

Last December when Omicron hit the UK the rate of infection instantly increased to 15 fold which is why so many people who had infection got reinfected again at the time of Christmas.

Prof Altman said there is no evidence that the Omicron you had before will prime any immunity memory for BA.4 and BA.5. This means even if you do have this virus during the Christmas or New Year times you can very much get infected by it again.

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During the autumn, the government targeted to give booster jabs to all health care and social care workers who are over the age of 65 and it was successful, now they are planning to start this again and they want to extend it to the people who are over the age of 50 said by the social care secretary Sajid Javid. This step will improve the immunity level which is waned in most of the population in the UK.

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The government of the UK has not yet decided which vaccine is going to work against the latest increase in cases. But the scientists are suggesting a vaccine that would not just provide protection against the original Covid-19 but it must also have protection against the recently formed strain of COVID-19. They are looking at Moderna for this because it has such a vaccine that will protect us against both the old strain and new virus.

What will happen if we get infected but we are vaccinated as well

New variants of Omicron have such a strain of viruses that were not present in Omicron so it is different from the first type of Omicron which is why it is going to hit us differently.

Even if you are vaccinated and you had a booster shot you can still get the new sub-variants of it.

Usually, the infection is milder when you are infected with the Covid-19 symptoms second or third time because your body has now developed an antibody against it. However, the new infection has now evolved and it affects your lung cells more which is why it is similar to the more dangerous Alpha and Delta variants.

When is COVID-19 going to end

Many viruses came in human history and they have hit us harder so Covid-19 is not the first virus in the family of Sars-Cov-2. So we were ready for the circumstances of it. But one thing is different with this virus that is the severity of it. Other viruses were mild and do not destroy on such a big scale.

People mostly had mild flu with them and one day we hope this virus could reach this status as well but this is not possible shortly.

Professor Mark Woolhouse says that this virus is going to hit us again and again like children and we will be able to build up a strong immunity against it by the time we have grown up to be adults. But this is going to take very long for us.

He further said that the problem will be gone but not in his lifetime and we will face many hurdles on the way.


The main thing Britain is facing in fighting the virus is that the government doesn’t want to accept it at first. The only focus that had was the loss of lives with this virus and not the number of people getting affected by this in the first place.

The big effect that this virus has is on the economy and society which means more pressure will be put on the NHS. It also means more illnesses and more workers taking leaves from their jobs. It also means that more people will miss their school.

When you try to avoid the virus in such a country that has forgotten all the safety rules of Covid-19 it means that you will catch it when you go to the nearby shop.

But there is one solution to all of this: the campaigners are calling the government to reintroduce the lateral flow test and isolation requirements for those who got infected. After these long two years of getting infected with coronavirus, no one of us wants this infection back in our lives and the only way to prevent it is through taking serious actions on individual levels. Maybe the government doesn’t want to think about it but we should all think of it.

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