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Centaurus: The new subvariant in the UK which is causing major concern

The Centaurus variant aka BA.2.75 had first started to rise in India in May. The speed with which this variant is growing is unexpectedly fast. Now, this variant has shown a steep rise in the UK as well which is quite alarming. We do not yet know how bad things could go but this subvariant needs close monitoring at the moment.

This new strain first arrived in the UK on 20th June, right now this variant is very rare and it has only affected 0.02 percent population till this month so the scientist doesn’t have enough sample size to test to get the accuracy of how dangerous it might be.

Along with the UK, USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, AND GERMANY are also getting affected by the new variant. For now, it is not clear if this subvariant can cause more damage than the previous variants but scientist believes that it may be able to get immunity and infections from other variants.

The EUROPEAN CENTRE FOR DISEASE PROTECTION AND PREVENTION said on 7th July, that this is a variant of concern and it is under monitoring and it is possible that this variant is more transmissible and causes more diseases. The experts are concerned that BA.2.75 contains more mutations than any other variants in the past.

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Virologists are shocked to see the fast-growing number of mutations this variant can contain as compared to the old BA.2 from which it has been originated in the first place.  The global genome sequencing platform THE GISAID has collected the data that about 250 percent of the cases are detected of this variant BA.2.75 of which 80% cases are from INDIA, where it first originated.

Although it is not clear how much of a danger this variant can pose, the speed with which it is growing in India is alarming to many. Even though the cases of covid were gone a little lower this Sunday but now it seems like because of this variant they can go up again this summer and maybe in the autumn we see a wave that is never seen before.

How bad can this new subvariant go?

The word Centaurus has come from a mythological creature that means half human and half horse. Scientists also believe that this virus is going to spread regardless of the antibodies and vaccines.

But DR Griffin said that while this virus is growing far in India it does not necessarily mean that it will grow with the same speed in the UK where BA.5 is more prevalent than this.


What are the symptoms of the Centaurus variant?

This new virus has the same symptoms as the old variant but according to Zoe App headache is the most common symptom.

But the NHS is advising that you should also check out the other symptoms too. A sore throat, loss of appetite, if you feel like you are getting a fever or being sick, a cough that is new of its kind, body aches, you loss your smell or taste.

How can we remain protected from the new Centaurus variant?

We should regularly wash our hands, or use a good sanitizer if we can’t go to the bathroom all the time. There are no such restrictions that you must wear a mask in public but if you are going to some crowded place it is wise to wear it. Many people are still not vaccinated against Covid-19 and the government is making sure that everyone books their appointment and gets vaccinated as soon as possible. There are still 3 million people in the UK who are still not vaccinated.

We should remain cautious at all times against Covid-19 and get tested whenever we feel it. You can go to Point 19 Testing and order a lateral flow test at home to get tested or you can get a PCR test if you are planning to travel. You can order a test in any city in the UK, type PCR TEST ROCHDALE, or the name of any other city you are living in.

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